Its Just Me

i'm just me, that's all i can say


Sniper prank (illegal, don’t try this at home).

this is wrong on some many levels




Does anybody know where this came from

Great Gatsby


Does anybody know where this came from

An ARTIST floating beneath the SKY - Brandon D. Cooper

30 DAY TV SHOW CHALLENGE Day 12 - An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times


…you hide what you know, just to keep them alive, when your love, but my love just died.

#CarolinaWebb #ArtofWar

Sometimes we gotta lose it to find it

#StacyBarthe #FlawwedBeautifulCreatures

no need to set the mood

i needed some time

just to be

if u wanted to be around 

it was cool 

i was complete

but i still needed sometime

now u say i’m a thief

some how the words

u spoke to me, got lost in translation

i believe they where i  love  you

walk with me no matter where the path 


   ? is the road not made for…

Brandon D. Cooper

A Story

June 7, 2013


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